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Longevity Achievement Center

Considerable scientific advances have been made in our attempt to understand the cause of aging over the past several decades. Although we do not yet know the basic causes of the aging process, we have learned enough to begin to apply some of the findings to people in an attempt to slow down or reverse some of the changes associated with aging.

At Longevity Achievement Center we are interested in applying discoveries made in basic sciences to maximize human life span function and potential. In addition, we wish to systematically prove that we are able to improve human functionality and extend human life span. For the foreseeable future, all anti-aging intervention therapy must be considered experimental. No matter what the treatment is, even if it is as simple as taking a Vitamin C pill daily, there is no proof to date that the treatments will extend life span.

The necessary proof will come from experiments in which people are treated, then followed for many years, and then we can directly see if we have extended their life span. This will take a study of thirty to fifty years to prove. It would be very convenient if there were a way to measure a person's biological age and thereby test their biological age and then give them a treatment such as vitamin C for a period of one or two years and then measure their biological age again to see if their treatment made the person biologically younger. We can do this now with a battery of functional measures of performance. We know that they are predictive of increased performance and increased functionality, but we do not know if they are predictive of an increased life span.


  1. To maximize the functional ability of our participants
  2. To extend the functional life span of our participants
  3. To determine which biomarkers are predictive of an increase in life span
  4. To optimize our therapeutic intervention in order to maximize functional life span of our participants.


We do not limit ourselves to the findings of conventional medicine. We are willing to draw on findings and techniques from alternative medicine as well. We have different participants, some who wish to have their parameters measured so that they can follow their deterioration throughout the years. They do not undergo treatment; They just get measured. Other people want modest treatment, improvement through diet, exercise, etc. Other people want controversial therapies such as hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, and cellular rejuvenation techniques. Some people wish to have some of their bodily cells preserved for future use in the rejuvenation techniques.

Some of the tests at LAC can be administered without enrolling in an entire program. These include:

  1. Dexascan to look at bone mineralization
  2. Tests to measure hardening of the arteries
  3. Biomeridian Stress Test to measure the energy that is conducted in between the layers of the skin
  4. BTA to assess the body fluids level of acid, oxidation and resistively
  5. Bio Impedance to determine the percent of body fat
  6. Hoch Test to determine biological age
  7. Skin elasticity, skin hydration and oil content, pigmentation of the skin, melanin and erythema levels of the skin. Visualization of the level of dryness and damage to skin
  8. UV photographs to see skin damage

We are only accepting people into our intervention anti-aging program who:

  • Understand the program is experimental
  • Understand that they must be committed partners who will read, study and be ready to make lifestyle changes
  • Generally healthy
  • Willing to bear the expense without an assistance from insurance companies (Medical insurance does not cover this program)


Program I- Selective tests

Program II- Selective tests and defined intervention

Program III- Elite level, comprehensive testing and measurements to establish baseline, aggressive intervention and continuous monitoring over years.

Program IV- Storage and presentation of various cellular types such as fibroblasts, stem cells.

Our program encompasses diet, nutrition, vitamins, hormones, medicines, exercise, meditation, spiritual enhancement, improving social network and certain other experimental therapies. Every program is designed to meet an individual’s specific needs.


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