We accept numerous health insurance plans for medically necessary Dermatologic services. Cosmetic treatments are not covered by health insurance and payment is required at the time of service or treatment.

HMO's require referral, and it is the patient's responsibility to obtain one from his or her primary care physician. Patients must have an active referral on file with us. Referral must be specific for the diagnosis and procedure. Referral forms must state a diagnosis. In some cases, a more general referral is more useful. For example, if you have been referred to our office for the removal of a skin lesion on your back and we find another suspicious lesion elsewhere on your body that we believe requires biopsy or removal, in most cases we will have to contact your insurance company for permission to do a second biopsy on the other location. A more general referral giving permission for removal of suspicious skin lesions, but not specifying a single location, will permit us to perform all the biopsies during the appointment. In some cases, depending on the site or type of skin lesion, only one lesion may be removed at a time at the doctor's discretion.

We accept Medicare assignments for eligible patients. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you are only responsible for the co-insurance and any deductible portion of your coverage.

Please inform us of the names and addresses of your primary care provider and any other physicians whom you wish to receive information about your care in our office.

The Sally Balin Medical Center is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality medical care.

We accept all major credit cards.